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How I Got My Man Back (Step-by-step)

I cracked the code! If you want them to come crawling back, here’s a step-by-step on how I successfully did it.

Relationships can take work. Sometimes, more than expected. If you’ve messed up or you’re currently in no contact with that special someone and want them to come crawling back, here’s how I successfully did it.

1. Indifference

When he texted me, I would answer. Were they dry responses? Absolutely. I wasn’t bothered enough to argue or ignore him. My energy showed him that I can function just the same with or without him in my life.

2. Thrive in silence

Delete those revenge selfies. He knows what you look like and he knows what you’re doing. By keeping my social media habits the same and not trying to bait him with a selfie, he was left wondering how much this was affecting me.

3. Communicate

He can’t read your mind. If he comes back around, don’t play games or try to make him hurt. If he wants to be in your life read him the terms and conditions. That way he knows you’re serious and that he’s going to have to come correct.

4. No Sex

No drunk texts, no casual sex, no sneaky links. Why would he change his behavior if he gets everything he wants while acting a fool? Withhold until you see a difference in behavior. Go to the store and get a toy in the meantime. You’ll be okay.

5. Self-improve

When you work on yourself and feel fulfilled, you’re less likely to put up with disrespect. Take time to grow and learn about yourself and your needs. That way, if anyone pushes those boundaries, you know exactly how to push back.

The success rate of this technique is pretty high, so please use it wisely. No bums aloud. You got this!

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