Billionaires, pasta and lobster, natural hair, and other things that have been annoying me

This week we are talking billionaires, natural hair, pasta and lobster, dating, and other things that have been annoying me. Welcome to Arden’s corner!

Hi and welcome to Arden’s Corner! I’m Arden, your founder of Her Rosy World/ Podcast and someone with many thoughts and opinions that you may or may not care about. Her Rosy World was created to be a safe place you can come to for life advice, entertainment, fashion tips, and so much more. However, everyone loves to talk their shit every now and then and does not necessarily need to assign a productive meaning to it. That’s exactly what Arden’s corner is. My random thoughts and opinions that you may or may not benefit from hearing! This week we are talking about things that have been annoying me recently. Scroll down to listen to the full podcast episode!

Holiday capitalism and lack of joy

As someone in their early twenties, the holidays just haven’t hit the same. It hit me like a ton of bricks one day, the innocence and magic of Christmas I had as a child is gone. I’ve also realized the insane amount of marketing and effort that goes into selling you things you don’t need in the name of Christmas. I’ve got a holiday ick.


Whether it’s full villain Elon Musk, wannabe villain Kim Kardashian, or loveable villain Taylor Swift, the ethics of billionaires are less than good. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying burn all billionaires at the stakes. I love Taylor Swift. But I’m not an idiot. Flying your private plane almost every day is insane. Even if you love someone you can still hold them accountable.

Breakups instead of breaks

If they have an ex, wrap it up. Our generation doesn’t understand how to argue with someone instead of fully breaking up. That’s why everyone is always spinning the block. There’s unfinished business there.

Colorist black men

How are you going to say dark skin women are ugly when you are even darker than them? Isn’t your mama dark? Please leave us alone.

Natural hair warriors

I love my curls. I believe every black woman should know how to take care of their curls. But natural hair ain’t for the week. Straighteners are not the enemy.

Dumb cancellations

Some people deserve to be canceled. But how are you going to cancel someone for doing something like talking shit, something that you actively do? Get off your high horse.

Pasta and lobster

Yes, some white men are very good-looking. I would date a white man. But not because he’s white. Because he’s good-looking. Does that make sense? Looking at you women on TikTok. Stand up!

Not standing on business

I promise you, if you have to jump through a bunch of hoops and endure a ton of heartbreak, they aren’t the one. Respect yourself and stand on business. You’ll be better for it.