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Having Dating Standards Is Lonely

We have normalized many toxic relationship behaviors. From cheating all the way to abuse. And because this is becoming the standard, if you are someone who doesn’t subscribe to struggle love, you are likely alone.

In today’s society, we have normalized many toxic relationship behaviors from cheating, abuse, disrespect, and more. A lot of this comes from celebrity couples and what they unintentionally promote to those who look up to them. These behaviors then translate to the younger generations who start to mimic their favorites. A famous rapper could say he never texts a woman first, then his fans who look up to him start doing the same and the cycle continues. Maybe a post on social media said it’s cringy to lock down a single person so you reluctantly accept the title of “sneaky link.” If you’re okay with this, fine. However, if you’re someone who doesn’t subscribe to struggle love and toxicity, you are likely all alone.

“Pick Me”

Pick me. It has a double meaning. The first meaning is used for someone who is desperate for attention and wants to be picked regardless of the circumstances. The second is used for someone desperate to be perceived as different and goes against the crowd. However, it isn’t that cut and dry. Just because someone doesn’t want to accept certain behaviors that have been normalized in society doesn’t mean they think they’re better. They just refuse to settle. You are entitled to your standards and expectations. However, when those standards are high, the selection of people gets smaller.

The extent of crap people, especially women put up with today is extreme. It often feels as though society demands that you invest your trust and affection in someone, all the while being mentally prepared for the possibility of betrayal or disrespect, and even more astonishingly, expected to forgive them afterward. This forgiveness, unfortunately, tends to embolden the person, leading to more pain for you. Should you be someone who stands firm in your boundaries and refuses to tolerate such treatment, it’s disheartening to realize that the offending party may easily move on to someone else. It’s true, that you’ve managed to escape a painful situation, but the loneliness that ensues is undeniable.

From a Mile Away

When you have clear standards and firm boundaries, low-value people can see that from a mile away. Many low-value people especially men don’t want to work on loving someone and lifting them up. They want to see how much they can get from a person. Anyone who stands their ground and refuses to be drained has a certain ora and presence about them that betas avoid at all costs. They don’t want to be held accountable, so they’ll always go for someone else. Over time, this rejection could start to fuel feelings of undesirability and loneliness. But hear me when I say, you are not unloveable because you are demanding to be loved a certain way and you are not ugly just because no one as of yet wants to put in the effort to witness your beauty.

I know it can be challenging, but I urge you to keep going with your head held high. Your person who is exactly what you want and need could be right around the corner, and you may miss them if you waste your time being fake loved by someone less than worthy.