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He Left Me For an A-List Actress

“He left me in the members-only private club for an A-list actress who was passing by.”

“He left me in the members-only private club for an A-list actress who was passing by.” For the first edition of our anonymous write-ins, we have quite a juicy one. Enjoy!

In 2019, I was dating this guy I met on a very popular dating app for famous people. I wasn’t famous myself, but growing up in Calabasas I was pretty adjacent to the celebrity life. At the time I was 23, and he was a good ten years older than me. We got to talking and hit it off. He was very charming and loved to shower me with expensive gifts and experiences. I was in love. The sex was mindblowing, he was my best friend, and I seriously thought I was going to marry that man.

I should have known he wasn’t serious though, because he would never claim me publicly. Even when I would complain about it, he would say we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend so he didn’t have to, but always made sure to clarify that we were exclusive. (So I couldn’t date other guys.) Anyway, without giving too much away, he was a very wealthy man because of his family but not really famous himself. He loved a certain members-only club in New York and decided to take me with him around our two-month mark of dating. I can’t say much about the inside of the club, but it was a very luxurious experience.

We were having a blast together, up until an actress, a little older than me, very successful, and extremely beautiful walked by. He fanboyed like a child, asking me if I knew who she was. Of course, I did. He went on to talk about her beauty for five minutes before pretending to go to the restroom. I say pretending because he literally walked in the opposite direction of the restroom. I waited about ten minutes like an idiot before I texted him. No response. I walked over to find him and of course, he was cuddled up to her in a private area. I confronted him, and he acted as if he didn’t know me. Embarrassed and confused, I ran to the restroom crying. Ten minutes later, I got a text from him saying his driver would take me to the airport. That was the last time we spoke.