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Ariana Grande Addresses Critics In Song and Video ‘Yes, and?’ And We Are Shook

Ariana Grande appears to finally speak her mind and address relationship with Ethan Slater in her new song and video for ‘Yes, and?’

Image: Youtube/arianagrande

If you’ve been living under a rock, you would have missed Ariana Grande’s recent controversy she picked up last year. Although never addressing them directly, she appears to finally speak her mind in her new song and video for ‘Yes, and?’

Grande came under fire last year when it came out that actor Ethan Slater and Grande were a couple. The controversy came from the fact that when the rumors came out, both Slater and Grande were married. Slater to high school sweetheart Lily Jay, and Grande to real estate agent Dalton Gomez since May 2021.

Grande and Slater were costars in the upcoming film ‘Wicked’ where fans speculate their relationship began. It got messy because both of their spouses visited them in London and allegedly were still together at the time Grande and Slater got close, Slater even having a child with Jay in 2022. Both Slater and Grande divorced from their respective spouses in 2023 and have been public with their romance ever since.

Ariana grande, dalton Gomez, lily jay, Ethan Slater
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Fans and critics went in on the couple, saying Slater was a “Deadbeat bad” and Grande was a “Homewrecker” and Lily Jay herself saying Grande was “Not a girls girl.” However, in Grande’s new song ‘Yes, and?’ She addresses the critics with the lyrics “Your business is yours and mine is mine/Why do you care so much whose **** I ride? Why?” Essentially telling anyone who has a problem to back off and “Say that s**it with your chest.” In the music video, Grande is seen dancing for critics who are sweating out of nervousness. She ends the video by bringing the critics over to her side, changing their tune. Seems Grande is pretty confident that this song will change the public’s perception of her. It certainly is a bop. What do you think?

Ariana grande dancing in new music video
Image: Youtube/arianagrande

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