The Art of Staying in Your Lane

Having tunnel vision for yourself and trusting that you will get yours in due time is truly an art.

Image: Instagram/oliviajade

As someone who used to be easily distracted, I’ve learned the importance of staying in your lane. It’s so easy to focus on what those around you have going on, that you can get thrown off your own course. That time you spent on them, you could have used to fill your own cup. Having tunnel vision for yourself and trusting that you will get yours in due time is truly an art.

Not meant for you

One reason focusing on yourself is so crucial, is it keeps you from comparing. We never see the full picture when we are comparing ourselves to others, and because of that, we are left pining and jealous. What they have was never meant for you. You may end up with something even greater, but if you aren’t focused you may miss it.


Whether it’s in love, career, or just life in general we all have goals. These goals require a lot of tender love and care. When you put unnecessary energy into people and things that don’t concern you, you’re only hurting yourself. Think of it like running a mile before a big race. You wasted so much unnecessary energy that when it’s time to run the race that counts, you don’t have it in you.

Move in silence

One thing I love about moving in silence is the lack of embarrassment it brings. So many people run their mouths or go on and on about certain things just for them to get played. Ever have a friend who complained nonstop about women going back to their cheating boyfriends and then she ended up going back to hers? Yeah, embarrassing. She could have just kept quiet.

An example of this behavior in media today is Olivia Jade. You’re entitled to however you feel about the infamous nepotism baby and her extreme privilege, but after her college admissions scandal, she became way more low-key. She isn’t as flashy on social media and appears to keep to herself. So while the world was going at her and her family (rightfully so) she took the time to focus on herself. Now she’s dating Jacob Elordi. Enough said.

Overall, focusing your energy on yourself and building yourself up will always be beneficial. Try it out and let us know how it goes!