The Ultimate Guide To Old Money Fashion Aesthetic

Oh, the Sofia Richie of it all. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Sofia and other it girls have been taking over the trends and even the fashion industry with this new yet old wave of fashion. We know when to be a follower, and this is just the time. Old money aesthetic is everywhere now and we are simply obsessed. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with it though, so we created this ultimate guide to keep you updated on this type of style!

Slingback heels

Sling-back heels are a must. They go with almost every outfit and really elevate a look. Classy, simple, and chic. These girls love the Chanel ones, but there are several great dupes! Check sites like DSW, Nordstrom rack, and Tjmaxx for alternatives!

Sofia and Kylies feet wearing sling back heels
Images: Instagram/Kyliejenner/Sofiarichiegrainge

Midi Dress

Midi dresses aren’t too long and aren’t too short. Classy and appropriate for so many occasions. It’s a must-have for your closet. Keep the patterns simple as well. Then bring out the flare with the acessories.

Sofia and Kylie wearing midi dresses
Images: Instagram/Kyliejenner/Sofiarichiegrainge

Straight-leg Jeans

Not too baggy, and not skin-tight. This style of jeans compliments your body but keeps a simplistic yet classy look. Dress it up or dress it down.

Sofia and Kylie wearing jeans
Images: Instagram/Kyliejenner/Sofiarichiegrainge

Statement Earrings

Simple outfit, bold earrings. A match made in heaven. A statement earring can change an entire look for the better. Especially when the look is classy and simple, your earrings can really spice things up.

Kylie and Sofia wearing statement earrings
Images: Instagram/Kyliejenner/Sofiarichiegrainge

Matching Set

Matching suits, matching skirts and blazers, matching shorts and crop tops, the list goes on. Just make sure it’s matching.

Sofia and Sara wearing matching suits
Images: Instagram/Yarashahidi/Sofiarichiegrainge

Claw Clip

This may sound odd, but this elegant and classy aesthetic is often accompanied by a claw clip. Wear it in your hair, on your bag, or even on your jeans. As long as you have one, you’re good. P.S. Sofia Richie has raved about clips from Emi Jay!

Sofia Richie wearing claw clip
Images: Instagram/Sofiarichiegrainge